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Is your child's school closed? Concerned about participating in in-person services? Your loved one doesn't have to miss out on their weekly music therapy services! We are excited to be offering LIVE virtual music therapy sessions, even beyond the pandemic. Our Teletherapy services can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home or the safety of your own facility, no matter where you are located in the United States!


During your virtual music therapy session you will participate in creative music activities including singing and vocalizing activities, songwriting, lyric analysis and lyric filling, movement songs and more! No musical instruments required, but bonus if you have any type of instrument lying around. We can assist you in utilizing these! Feel free to give it a try just once to see if Teletherapy is right for you.

Virtual Music Groups

Music Speaks is excited to bring you a variety of virtual community music groups for kids or adults! These groups are designed to offer group music experiences for special learners, their families and caregivers, and their peers. Children and adults of ALL abilities are welcome and encouraged to participate in this invaluable group experience promoting diversity, understanding and inclusion for all.


Our 45 minute groups are $20 per class for our kids group and $17 per class for our adult group. Groups are filled with instrument playing, movement, singing and songwriting. Created and run by Board Certified Music Therapists from Music Speaks, this group will promote socialization, motor skills, communication, language, overall engagement, creativity, listening skills, and more! We accept self-direction funding for ALL of our private services.

Public & Private Schools

Music Speaks primarily serves multiple school districts in the Capital Region, providing both individual and group music therapy sessions to children with special needs ages 4 and up. With this population, music therapy can help to improve:


  • speech through singing activities

  • motor functioning through rhythmic movement and instrument play

  • memory for academic material through memory of song

  • mood, attention, and behavior through preferred music, optimizing the student’s ability to learn and interact

  • pain, discomfort, and anxiety sometimes associated with some physical disabilities through distraction by creative music activities

Virtual Music &

Relaxation Group

Finding the time to relax is hard to do, but it's one of the most important things we can do for ourselves, our body, our mind, and our loved ones who surround us. What better way to relax than with the power of music? Music can lower your blood pressure, decrease stress and anxiety, and slow your breath.


We now offer a virtual music and relaxation group with our Board Certified Music Therapist, Nicole Harney, MT-BC. Join Nicole and up to 6 participants in one of our powerful, energizing and revitalizing relaxation groups. Let the music wash over you and melt your stress away!


Our group is 1 hour long and $18 per participant. All you need to participate is an internet connection, functional device, and a quiet, comfortable space! 

Private Music Therapy


Music Speaks offers private music therapy and adaptive music lessons to families in our community who have children or adults with special needs. During adaptive music lessons, our clients can learn an instrument of interest using an individualized approach for the student that may have special needs or has struggled to learn music in a more traditional setting. We also address things like communication, engagement and motor skills through creative and inviting clinical music activities. Our private services are currently being offered at the Capital District YMCA - Bethlehem Branch in Delmar!

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