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What Is Music Therapy?

Music therapy (MT) is the clinical use of music interventions by a credentialed professional to accomplish individualized goals

within a therapeutic relationship. Through activities like

instrument play and movement, music therapy can be used to

improve behavioral health, academic skills, motor functioning,

social skills, and communication. 


Many individuals can benefit from MT services including children,adolescents,  adults, and the elderly. MT services, just like the

services of other professionals, are prescribed as a specific 

part of the client’s treatment plan to improve mental, physical,

social, and emotional wellbeing. 

What MT Goals Can Be Addressed?

  • increase socialization

  • improve fine & gross motor functioning

  • develop & improve cognition

  • increase communication skills

  • promote vocalization

  • decrease stress

  • improve self-esteem

  • alleviate pain

  • provide a means for self-expression

  • increase on-task organizational skills

               AND MANY MORE...

What MT Interventions Can Be Used?

  • singing

  • music listening

  • musical improvisation

  • instrument playing

  • movement with music

  • songwriting

  • adaptive instrument lessons

  • relaxation & visualization to music

  • performance

               AND MORE...

Who Is MT For?

  • autism​

  • depression

  • developmental disabilities

  • learning disabilities

  • sensory impairment

  • dementia or Alzheimer's disease

  • stroke victims

  • cognitive impairments

  • behavioral disorders

  • emotional disorders

  • grief and loss

  • cancer

  • substance abuse issues

  • acute and chronic pain

MT services are provided to persons of all ages and abilities with mental, physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and/or communicative disorders. MT services are provided for, but not limited to, persons with the following disorders:

Where Are MT Services Provided?

  • schools, both inside and outside of the classroom

  • community outreach programs

  • rehabilitative facilities

  • medical hospitals

  • outpatient clinics

  • day care treatment centers

  • agencies serving developmentally disabled persons

  • senior centers

  • nursing homes

  • hospice programs

  • at-home visits

  • via Teletherapy

                AND MORE!​

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